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Words of Wisdom, from Spirit, for You

One of the coolest experiences of my life, has been communicating directly with Spirit, through writing. I feel a tingly buzz, everything looks brighter, and suddenly, I know I have to write. I feel bathed in Love, and learn more every time I get a "message" from the Light. I'm here to share that Love with you.

A blog is coming soon, but you can get a happy little buzz from the delicious Spirit-Bits below.

Pieces of Wisdom From The Spiritual Midwives

For Women: A Call to the Circle (Remembering the Divine Feminine)

 ~ “We invite you to the circle because we want you to remember, and know you are worthy of total acceptance and unquestionable unity. We invite you back to the circle because it is your home.”   

 ~ “WE cannot measure the strength of the Divine Feminine with the ruler of the masculine, just as we cannot judge the purpose of the hummingbird by it's ability to slay a lion. WE do not balance the scales of history by jumping to the other side. We do not need to say, "I am woman, hear me roar!" But, instead, "I am woman, watch me create. I make peace and understanding, art, and dance. I make new life and community. I comfort. I heal. I speak to the EArth. I teach the children. I prophesize. I listen. I preach. I pray. I adjust...I grow...and I adjust again. I evolve, therefore, my power will never dwindle. I am wise. I am love. I do not have to roar to be strong. I am presence.” 

See the full writing on my blog or FB page "Wisdom Writings"

On Creating

 "You have heard before, that you are made in the image of the God. This is true in a deep sense but perhaps not in the way most of you understand it. For it is in your imagination, that you are most like the Great Creator, and you were given imagination, so that you could be creators too. This is a precious gift given to human kind".   

 "Every thought is an invitation to create. Every day dream, and vision (no matter what your logical mind tells you) is a whisper from creation, saying “this is inspiration” an opportunity to bring spirit through you and make it real in the world." 

See the full writing on my blog or FB page "Wisdom Writings"

On Receiving

 “...there is not a limit on Love, on Abundance, or on Grace. There is ever more. In fact, the more Grace you accept into your life, the more Love you open to with the knowing of worthiness, the more Abundance you claim without guilt or shame, the more you contribute to the growth of Oneness.  These acts of receiving,  Dear One, are the acts of human beauty and power that drive Creation. This is your purpose.  Each time you claim your beautiful right to Glory and Peace, the Universe breathes a “thank you,” stretches, expands, and delights in making more.   

See the full writing on my blog or FB page "Wisdom Writings"


 "All of the meaning and magic you envision to be waiting for you somewhere else, is here, now.  Every moment here is as equally powerful, purposeful, and valuable as any moment your soul has had elsewhere. In fact, there is no “elsewhere”. For all is here now, experienced in different ways, through different lenses of your Soul's perception. Now, Dear One, is always the greatest gift".   

"The Earth is not merely a school, a lesson, an adventure, a task to be mastered, a test, or punishment. It is manifested miracles, it is abundance, opportunity, and motion.   
 You are not “stuck” here, you are being lovingly held here. Gravity is nothing more than the Great Mother pulling your gifts towards the Earth. So, Beloved, relax into her embrace, for she is a great midwife to your Soul."

 See the full writing on my blog or FB page "Wisdom Writings"

Love, is Your True Nature

 "There is no benefit to believing only in yourself. There is no advantage in thinking that you alone can give your life meaning, purpose, and success. This way of ego generated thinking IS the illusion, IS the great imagination, not the other way around. It is illusion that you are separate. It is illusion that you are alone. It is your imagination that your worth is defined by anything other than your spirit's beautiful and intricate connection to divine love. There is no real peace anywhere else but resting here. No striving to achieve human perfection, whether the ideal weight or the ideal yoga practice, will take you there. Only accepting, allowing your knowing, in every particle and vibration of your being, that you are that perfect love from which you came, will spontaneously free you. In an instant, in a brilliant flash of love, or a burst of peace, you are here. You can always be here. There is never a time that you are not worthy, or that you didn't do enough. You do not have to earn it, plan it, or learn it. It is always available to you. This Love is your true nature, and your true nature cannot be anything else."   

See the full writing on my blog or FB page "Wisdom Writings"

The Body Speaks

 "Here, in me, in this vulnerable and delicate form, is how you come to know humility. While your soul may teach you the power of infinite expansion, I teach you the power of absolute vulnerability.  Here is where you learn to receive, and tune in... I am a master linguist of your spirit, sending you messages and patiently waiting for you to tune to the right frequency.   "   

The Book, "Birth Your Spirit Free"