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   Hello! I'm excited that you're here. See those big, beautiful words above? That is what I wish for you. That is what you CAN create. I know sometimes those things seem out of reach, but I promise you, you can have them...every day. I'm not saying life will always be easy (I cannot tell a lie) but you CAN learn how to invite love, peace, freedom, and joy to be your travel companions on this beautifully unpredictable journey, called life. You don't have to be "ready." You don't have to fit a certain role. You don't have to "do it right." You only have to be your authentic self, and be willing to begin. I would love to help light your way.  It is my heart's desire to be with you and guide you, like a midwife to your soul, as you birth yourself into a new way of living. Pause here, beautiful. Take a deep breath in...and let it go. Do you feel the call? Is it time to shift your perspective? 

If you'd like to know the practical reasons why I'm qualified to help you shift your life more fully into the light, you can read my bio, and testimonials about my work. I can list all of the "buzz words" that pertain to my work, (intuitive energy healer, massage therapist, Registered Nurse, counselor, reiki master, meditation instructor, spiritual teacher, spiritual retreat leader, women's circle facilitator, writer, channel...blah, blah,blah,) the truth is, that although my education and trainings have been wonderful, my work is born from skilled intuition and a deep and vibrant connection to Spirit. I co-create changes in vibration, for those I work with, so that they may open further to healing, wisdom, and their own connection to Spirit. This is all accomplished in humble and beautiful partnership with the Divine. 

Together, we can create real changes that feel like magic... and magical changes that are real. 

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Spirit Speaks, I receive the messages and share them with you!

I've always loved writing. I didn't always know that I would eventually be able to receive messages from Spirit in the form of writings, channeled messages, and intuitive readings. I believe that "Spirit/ God/dess" has infinite names, and infinite ways to communicate with each and every one of us. For me, Spirit has most recently manifested in  a group of loving beings called, "The Spiritual Midwives." With their wisdom, guidance, and encouragement, I have co-written a book with them. This manuscript, "Birth Your Spirit Free," is a guide to understanding our greater purpose... to work in harmony with the Divine to be the active creators of our lives, and our world.

I'm also a Spirit Channel for Divine Wisdom sent for all of us from Angels, Spirit Guides, Master Teachers, and loved ones on the other side. I connect with these loving beings in recorded and live channeled messages and for individual soul evolution sessions. These sessions are part psychic reading and part healing. 

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 Hello, beautiful ! I'd love to tell you more about my healing work, and about my experience channeling messages from, The Spiritual Midwives. I've been deeply touched by this work, and I hope you will be too.     

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I'd love to answer any questions you have about the work that I do. Please feel welcomed to reach out.

Alise Christie

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