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A Sneak Peak from, "Birth Your Spirit Free"


The Mission of this Work

 To create a lasting, vibrational shift in your being, that opens you to becoming the vibrant creator of your life, that you were meant to be.


 “Birth Your Spirit Free” is both an invitation and a direction. It is at once a road map and travel companion. Using the potent wisdom gained from my experience as a healer, counselor, and maternity nurse, and  divine  messages from,The Spiritual Midwives, this book allows you to realize your power of creation in your own life. Inside, are steps that  lead you to vibrant transformation in thought, vibration, and action. 

Using the archetypal mother as our heroine, this book tells the symbolic story of  birth, and what Spirit reveals to us through this process, about the creative power that is available to us all. From learning to recognize the first whispers of inspiration, to bringing your own powerful desires to life, you will travel a new path, lead by channeled teachings, guided meditations, prayers, reflection, and practical exercises. This time, playing midwife to yourself, body mind and soul. You will find your unique way,  and your initiation into a new way of creative living. This book will empower you to discover the purpose, power, and wisdom that is within you, as you usher your  deepest dreams into reality.

A Message from the Spiritual Midwives

 “Breath deep, Dear One, and let us help you recall a time when you felt absolute trust in another person, in a situation, in yourself, or in your experience of God. Let the trust become a warm, golden nectar that drips and drizzles down from above. As you breathe feel it surround your skin, feel it seep into your being, lighting up your cells and loosening the tight hold you have on your worries and responsibilities. With each breath, feel yourself sink more and more deeply into the warmth of trust and the absolute assurance of safety. Now that you are ready, hear this. “You are the artist of your own life. You are the creator, and you are the conduit for the miracle of birth every day. You, my love, are birthing your soul into remembrance. We will serve as your spiritual midwives, here to guide you, to mother you, to encourage you, to push you, and to coach you through the joyous, life-changing, and yes, sometimes exhausting  (though believe it or not, need not be painful) process of birthing your purpose. From conception to delivery of your amazing, precious self into the world, we are here to help you find your way back and to make  the path once again clear. For there is no greater freedom for your Spirit on Earth than to live your purpose fully. That purpose is to Create. We are here to guide you, and witness you, as you birth your spirit free.” 

Do You Feel the Call?

A vibrational shift is happening. Do you feel it? We are here to explore with you, guide you, join you, and offer you sisterhood and love. 

The opportunity is here to receive and learn from the rest of, "Birth Your Spirit Free", before it is available to the public, through the new, "Birth Your Spirit Free" courses.

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