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Soul-Centric Healing Sessions

 These sessions are designed to help you explore your soul’s inner landscape in order to access deep inner wisdom, healing, and love. It is a very interactive process.  If you are seeking more clarity about your path, a greater sense of peace, a deeper relationship with your own intuition and sense of purpose, or are ready to move to a new level of awareness, these sessions are perfect for you. They may involve a combination discussion, reflection, intuitive guidance from Spirit, energetic balancing, and guided meditation/ journeying. Each session is unique and therefore, will be different for each person, each time. Sessions range from 1 ½ to two hours, and include one follow up email or 15 minute phone call to assist with processing as needed.   
*Prices very for in person vs virtual sessions

In Person Sessions 1 1/2 hours $120

Virtual/ Distance Healing Sessions 1 1/2 hours $100


Intuitive Healing Sessions

 These sessions combines various healing and energy medicine modalities, along with intuitively led techniques. You will be relaxing on a comfortable massage table (if in person) or getting cozy at home. I will work with my own intuition, knowledge of health and the physical body, spiritual guidance, and wisdom I receive from your body, mind, and spirit. This combines beautifully to create energetic shifting and balancing, bringing more harmony and healing to your system. People often report a sense of deep peace, more restful sleep, decreased anxiety, decreased pain, and profound relaxation. Sometimes, but not always, personal intuitive messages are received during this process, and will be relayed to you if you wish. If you want to relax, allow, and receive healing, this session is a beautiful choice for you.   

In Person 1 hour $90

Virtual/ Distance Healing Sessions 1 hour $75

Birth Your Spirit Free Sessions


Private Healing and Instructional Series for the Advancing Soul

 This is an intense and enlightening process that is part soul-school, part personal evolution and healing experience. This journey involves 9  private 1:1 sessions, plus online video instruction, and ongoing support throught. Approximately 1 session happens every two to three weeks, to allow time for integration in between.

 These sessions were given to me directly from the Spiritual Midwives, and therefor are extremely transformative. They include a guided, evolutionary process that teaches you to be more fully in your purpose as a conscious creator of your life.   

These beautiful 1:1 sessions involve spiritual instruction, high vibration channeled messages from The Spiritual Midwives, guided meditations, sacred prayers and invocations, discussion, reflection, exercises, lessons on building intuition, and energy medicine healing sessions. Though the curriculum was gifted to me from Spirit, each person’s process will be different and therefor sessions are always unique.

 BONUS: Personal messages from Spirit will be relayed, and given to you in writing if/when they are recieved.

 If you are someone who’s ready to say, “Yes!” to creating a life rooted in joy, Source, abundance, and purpose, this series is here for you. Because this work is so immersive and transformative, an interview process, to make sure it is a good fit for you, is required. This can be in person, by phone, or through an online video call.  

Entire Program -  Approximately 6 months $1800



Birth Your Spirit Free Single Session

During this healing session, I will work directly with the Spiritual Midwives to receive specific guidance for your unique energetic system. This brings about clearing of old patterns and building new pathways of higher vibration. In the weeks following the session, you will receive a personal written message of guidance from the Spiritual Midwives. 

1-1/2 to 2 hours $150

Birth Your Spirit Free Soul School - Group Workshop

Coming Soon! (details also under classes and retreats) 

Birth Your Spirit Free will be available as a group instructional series. The class will be 9 sessions, with in person and virtual components. Each session, you will receive a chapter of the not-yet-released book, "Birth Your Spirit Free," that includes at least one chanelled message from, The Spiritual Midwives, in each chapter! There will be live and recorded,  teachings, meditations, application of the lessons, discussion, reflections, guidance, one on one coaching sessions for energetic clarity and clearing, and more. 

Stay tuned for this exciting new offering!

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